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Indian rabri recipe with step by step photos-
Rabri or rabadi is a North Indian delicacy. It is served as a dessert.
Rabri is a reduced milk, cooked little differently instead of creamy
rubri is lumpy.  I like this dish because you can serve alone or with malpua, jalebi, gulab jamun, or waffles. There are countless combinations you can come up with.

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So, basically rabri is a thickened sweetened milk dessert flavoured with cardamom ,saffron and with some dry-fruits.
The process of making rabri is very simple but time consuming because milk has to be simmered and reduced on low flame till it reaches semi thick consistency.


I prefer some heavy bottom pan while preparing rabri because milk gets scorched and burnt from the base. The method i am sharing today is time consuming but there is no shortcut to this traditional recipe.
Rabri can be served chilled or warm but personally i like to have it chilled.

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Recipe Details for making rabri or rabdi below:

  Recipe rabdi-how to make rabri at home

Prep Time :15 min
Cook Time :1 hour
Total Time :1 hour 15 min
Main Ingredient : milk

Cuisine : North india


  • Milk , full cream – 1 ltr
  • Cardamom , crushed or powdered – 5 -6 nos
  • saffron threads – 7-8 
  • sugar to taste
  • Almonds – 5 ,chopped
  • cashews and pistachios – 5-6 ,chopped


  1. Take 1 litres of full fat whole milk in a thick bottomed kadai or pan & begun to heat the milk on a low to medium flame, till the milk starts to froth or form a layer of cream/malai on top.

  2. So when you will see the cream floating on top, then with a spatula, gently move the cream layer.
  3. Bring it towards the side of the pan and stick it to the pan.
  4. Keep on simmering the milk like this and collecting the cream layer on the sides and mix it.
  5. Meanwhile chop almonds,cashews and pistachios and keep aside. do keep a check on the simmering milk when slicing the dry-fruits.
  6. Once the milk reduces to half, then add 2.5 to 3 tbsp sugar. you can add sugar as per your taste.
  7. Then add a 7 to 8 strands of crushed saffron and ½ tsp cardamom powder. stir gently.
  8. do stir the milk gently after you bring.if you don’t stir the milk then there is a possibility of the milk getting browned or burnt from the bottom.
  9. After adding saffron, the color will change slightly to a yellow color as the milk keeps on reducing.(don’t worry about the color)
  10. when the milk gets reduced to ⅓ or ¼ of its original quantity, then switch off the flame.
  11. Stir gently. then add the sliced almonds,cashews& pistachios.
  12. garnish with some sliced almonds and serve rabri hot or warm or chilled.
  • always use full fat cream to get better results.

 Equipment Needs for this recipe

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  1. Hi Priya, I have had something very similar to this before, looks delicious!