Mango Shrikhand Recipe,how to make mango flavor srikhand or Amrakhand

 Mango srikhand,without food color recipe-step wise recipe

I am a HUGE fan of shrikhand because of its sweet and tangy taste.It is considered as Indian Sweet Recipe but Serves as a main dessert in Gujarati and Maharashtrian Cuisine.
I was quite excited after knowing that it is an Ancient Indian Recipe.Shrikhand also have a name in sanskrit which is “Shikhrini”. It is also noted that firstly Shrikhand was recorded in 400 B.C.E

The recipe i am sharing today is widely known as “Amrakhand”. You can give lot of variation according to your likings.
In summer, My top priority for cooking is Mango. So i used to have this Amrakhand Once in a week.
I have observe that , freshly home-made curd gives best result while preparing any shrikhand recipe.
I suggest you to use fresh home made hung curd for making this recipe.You can have this shreekhand even in you fasting days as well.
I flavored the shrikhand with some crushed cardamom
seeds and saffron. You can not avoid saffron in this recipe as “Amrakhand” is incomplete without Saffron.The amount of sugar to be added depends on the
sweetness of the mangoes. these mangoes are Alphanso mangoes and
they were so sweet. so i ended up adding less sugar. Shreekhand is always serve chilled.I have also added Mango chunks in shreekhand recipe because i like that most.
you can also check kesar elaichi shrikhand recipe.

Recipe Details for making Mango Flavor Shrikhand below:

  Amrakhand Recipe-how to make Mango shreekhand

Prep Time :5 min

Cook Time :nil
Total Time :5 min
Main Ingredient : Hung curd,Mango
Serves :2-3
Cuisine :Gujarat,Maharshtra


  • Hung Curd ,1.5 cup
  • Mango pulp , 1/2 cup[approx]
  • Chopped Mango ,1 small [optional]
  • Saffron threads ,4-5 nos
  • Sugar,1 tbsp – 5 tbsp [to taste]
  • Cardamom powder, a pinch[1 tsp approx]


    1. Transfer Hung curd in mixing bowl.
    2. Add sugar,Mango pulp,Sugar and saffron threads.
    3. Add cardamom powder and mix well.
    4. Add chopped mango pieces and mix well.
    5. Refrigerate it and serve chilled.
      • I have not included time for making hung curd.
      • I am using Alphonso Mangoes here.

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      1. A very loved dessert for all age groups..

      2. A very loved dessert for all age groups..

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