Hung Curd or hung yogurt Recipe,how to make hung dahi or hung curd

Hung Curd Recipe With step by step pictures

Sharing very very basic and DIY recipe today. I have shared few posts on this blog which is made from hung curd. I know many of you have confusion OR doubt in making perfect hung curd at home. Your trouble is over and i am here to share this very basic tutorial.

Before moving furthur,I wanna tell you that hung curd is nothing but a curd without Whey.whey has been drained completely.As a result,You will get nice and thick curd which is perfect to make dahi kebab.I have learnt hung curd technique from my mom.Me and my mommy mostly prepare Shrikand from freshly home made hung curd.

Dahi kababs and shrikhand are the recipes in which Hung curd is the ONLY hero.I have also heard that it is called “Chakka” in marathi.Hung curd is also used in making cream cheese.
The method i am sharing today is typical method by hanging cloth pouch to drain water completely. However you can also keep the whole apparatus in the fridge easily.keeping outside
in the hot indian climate can make the curd go sour and can spoil it. if you live in a cold climate, then you can hung the curd wherever
you have a hook arrangement in your kitchen or tie it on the kitchen
sink tap.
I am making hung curd using kitchen sink tap and honestly Curd turned out perfect.i did not found any sourness in curd.Also i am using fresh homemade Curd here.


Recipes Using Hung Curd – Mango Srikhand, Kesar-Elaichi Shrikhand, HungCurd and garlic dip 

Recipe Details for making Hung Curd below:

  Hung Curd Recipe-how to make Chakka| hung curd

Prep Time :5 hours

Cook Time :nill
Total Time :5 hours
Main Ingredient :Curd


  • 4.5 cups dahi (curd made from 1 litre milk), about 1.125 kg or 1.125 litre

equipments required:

  • 1 deep bowl
  • 1 strainer or seive
  • 1 muslin cloth or cheese cloth or kitchen cotton napkin or towel
  • Thread to tie muslin cloth


    1. You need four
      things – 1 bowl, 1 strainer or seive, 1 muslin cloth or cheese cloth and Thread to tie cloth. instead of muslin you can also use a
      cotton kitchen napkin. first line the strainer on a bowl.
    2. then line a muslin on the strainer.
    3. pour the fresh curd. bring the four edges of the muslin together and tie cloth tightly using thread.
    4. gently press and you will see the whey dripping.
    5. Hand the tied cloth on  sink tap to drain whey completely.
    6. Wait for 5 hours at-least and Your hung curd is ready.


    • use freshly made curd. homemade is best. if using outside brought curd, then do check the expiry date.
    • don’t use sour curd.
    • do keep a bowl beneath the muslin to collect the whey whether you
      keep the apparatus in the fridge or outside. the whey is rich in
      nutrients. so don’t discard. add it to the chapati, bread doughs or cake
      batter. you can also make rice or pulaos with it or add to dals, soups
      and gravies. basically add it in place of water in any dish.
    • usually it takes 4 to 5 hours for the hung curd to be done. but if
      you want a more thick, smooth, creamy texture then keep overnight for 10
      to 12 hours or for more hours in the fridge.
    • once the hung curd is ready, then refrigerate and use it within 4 to 5 days.

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