Amla ka Sherbet Recipe,how to make gooseberry juice sharbat

Amla ka sharbat – Indian summer cool refreshing drink recipe

Hey yaaa folks,
Here comes super summer cool recipe.-Amla ka sharbat ,Indian gooseberry juice.
amla is known as Gooseberry in English.It is very rich in vitamin c and Amla is very good for skin and hair.
You find lot of benefits of Amla for your skin and hairs. Even i use Amla powder in my hair packs and also use this powder as a scrub with sugar as well.Sometimes i use Amla juice as a cleansing water.I love natural remedies and i think most of the remedies you usualy get from your kitchen.

Summer is already started and i have already share few summer cool
Recipes as well.Amla or Gooseberry is quite bitter and pungent in taste
but after having Amla your tongue tastes sweet.I am quite health freak
but also kinda “Chatori” girl 😉 So Always wanted Something “Chatpatta
and spicy”. You might observe that most my recipes are either spicy or
Combo of sweet,spicy and sour.I sometimes think that we are blessed with
super awesome cuisine varieties.

This Amla sharbat is best to prevent dehydration.It is quite simple recipe but work as boon in summer.
When i was in mommy’s home,I heard about this Amla sharbat but never
got a chance to try at home.Finally This summer i decided to give this a
try and wanted to share my experiment with you.
I made this
recipe quite simple. I use Very basic ingredients with some chat masala.I adopted this recipe from the “god of cooking-Sanjeev kapoor’s site“.


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Recipe Details for making Amla ka sharbat below:

  Amla ka Shrbat Recipe-how to make Gooseberry Juice

Prep Time :15 min

Cook Time :10 min
Total Time :25 min
Main Ingredient :Gooseberry
Serves :3-4 glass
Cuisine : Indian


  • Amla OR gooseberry – 2 cup
  • Water – 3 cups [approx]
  • Sugar – to taste [1/2 cup approx]
  • Chat masala – a pinch
  • Black salt –  to  taste
  • Ginger – 1 inch
  • Fresh Mint – 1 tbsp OR 5-6 leaves
  • Ice cubes – for serving


    1. First ,you have to boil Amla so that you can puree them easily.
    2. For Boiling, Put Amla in pressure cooker. Add 1.5 cup water and pressure cook them on medium flame for 7 min OR 3 whistles.
    3. Allow them cool down for a while so that you can easily remove amla seeds.
    4. Remove the seeds of Boiled Amla.
    5. Transfer this Boiled Amla into deep pan and add sugar.
    6. Add ginger,Mint leaves and make fine puree of this mixture.
    7. Add black salt and chat masala According to your taste.
    8. You will get a fine thick mixture at end.
    9. Strain this mixture and Pour this mixture in sterilized bottle. store them in refrigerator.


    1. At time of serving,Put some ice cubes in glass.
    2. Cover half of your serving glass with Gooseberry juice.
    3. Add Water till the top.
    4. Serve chilld. 


    • I am not boiling amla mixture after removing it’s seeds .Because When i add sugar ,Amla is hot enough to mix sugar well.
    • You can use roasted cumin powder as well.I am using chat masala so i avoid it.

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