Sun dried potato chips recipe,how to make potato chips at home


You must got an idea about the recipe after reading heading.
I can say this is very traditional recipe in india.I am die-heart fan of potato chips.We have now lot of varieties like cream and onions,simple masala or even salted.Well, I like only salted and regular masala chips from outside.I never tried kurkure or even other lay’s flavor.I know you might be thinking that i am lying but IT IS TRUE.

When it comes to home-made recipe, I like Instant chips as well but these “Sun-dried chips” have their Own Fan-club.
Today is mahashivratri, Many of you having fast today.Many of you are from gujrat and having these “Kachari” in your fasting meal.There are many more fasting days to come this year and i think it is the time to share this recipe.
One another reason for sharing this chips recipe at this time is the season.This is the perfect season to make this chips because it needs sun rays to dry them out very well.If you are living in the cities like mumbai, porbandar  where there is a humidity,It requires 2-3 days to dry out completely. But if you are in cities like pune where the weather is comparatively dry then you will prepare these potato chips in a day or two.Only drawback of this recipe is “It is time consuming” 🙁
I am just addicted to these chips and i hope you will like it.I am very happy that i finally made these chips in PUNE and here to share.It was on trial basis so I prepared this chips with 2 kg potatoes. It is recommended to use BIG SIZE potatoes.

Recipe Details for making Sun dried potato chips below:

  sun dried potato chips Recipe-how to make bataka patri wafer

Prep Time :30 hours or a day


Cook Time : 10 mins
Total Time : 30 hours 10 min
Main Ingredient :Potato
Serves : 2-3
Cuisine :Gujarat,Indian


  • Potatoes ,big size – 2 kg
  • Water – for boiling chips
  • Salt – to taste

Other ingredients:

  • Oil – for deep frying
  • salt or black salt – for sprinkle
  • red chili powder – for sprinkle



    1. Wash potato very well and peel the skin of potatoes.keep it aside.
    2. In a huge bowl OR vessel ,mix water and salt.
    3. Now, start slicing potatoes with slicer and let slices fall in salted water.The slices should not be too thick or too thin.
    4. Finish of slicing with all potatoes.
    5. the water should cover the slices completely.
    6. now in another large pot take water and add salt to it.
    7. the quantity of water should be so such that all the potato slices should get immersed in it.
    8. bring this salt water mixture to a rolling boil on a high flame.
    9. now add the potato slices to the hot salted water.
    10. blanch the potato slices for 3 or 4 minutes in the hot boiling water. don’t lower the flame.
    11. after 3 or 4 minutes, switch off the flame. cover the pot and let the slices stay in the hot water for 3 to 4 minutes.
    12. the slices should look translucent.
    13. then drain the slices in a colander or strainer.
    14. arrange them on a tray lined with a clean plastic sheet or just place them in a plate or tray.
    15. keep them in the sun for 1 or 2 days till they are dried completely. cover
      with a muslin cloth to avoid dust from getting into them.
    16. you can also keep them in a dry shaded place, if you don’t get sunlight.
    17. change the sides of the slices when one side is dried.
    18. store in an air tight jar in a cool & dry place.


    1. For serving,Deep fry these chips.
    2. sprinkle some salt and red chili powder.It is totally optional.I like plain chips so i am not using red chili powder here.


    • At initial(step 3) we are putting potato chips into salted water so that potatoes don’t darken.
    • You can spice these chips according to your favorites like chaat masalas etc.
    • You can store these chips for 8 to 10 months in air tight container. 

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