Salted Butter Recipe,how to make Amul like butter at home

 Salted butter

Heyyaaaaa foodies,
I am back with another basic recipe you can easily make at home.This recipe was in my draft.I forgot to post this recipe and i really apologize for that:( .Actually i was planning to make this salted butter and wanted to share with you but i found this post ready.This post is waiting to get live on blog 😉
If you follow the blog regularly then you might know that i had share many posts like  Cream cheese ,Butter from curd, Whipped Cream which explains their “desi” homemade versions.

Most of people in India use Amul Butter in their day to day life.You can have lot of brands who serves pasteurized butter.You can not even imagine your refrigerator without this yellowish salted butter.I use salted butter sometimes to roast my parathas or in Makkhani gravy. This recipe is my sudden creation when makkani gravy is in my menu and realized that there is no butter in my fridge. 🙁  .
Do you guys remember i have posted a photo on this blog to demonstrate the difference between cream Butter and Curd butter??? That image just comes in my mind i have found this secret.
Salted butter is nothing but the butter you get from cream with pinch of salt.I have already shared pictorial steps to make butter before. But i will give you a quick info below.

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Recipe Details below:

  Salted butter Recipe-how to make amul like butter

Prep Time : 20 min

Cook Time : 0 min
Total Time : 20 min
Main Ingredient : Milk Cream
Serves :Nil
Cuisine : Indian


  • Fresh Cream / Malai- 4 to 5 cups(you can use ready made cream or else you can use cream from milk you use everyday).
  • Water – 1/2 cup to 1 cup
  • Salt – to taste OR a pinch


    1.  If you are collecting malai everyday from milk then defrost
      it from freezer. keep it out
      till comes to room temperature.
    2. Now, take a deep pan and transfer Malai into deep bottom pan.
    3. Add water into Malai and turn on your hand blender. start blending it.
    4. Cream will begun to smoothen and you will get smooth Whipped cream.
    5. Continue blending, until you see butter milk and thick butter
      getting separated.The lumps of the butter will start floating in butter
    6. Strain this butter from butter milk through strainer or using your hands.
    7. Add salt and mix it well.Store in air tight container.You can directly transfer this butter in container and then mix salt into that.
    8. Now homemade Salted butter is ready.
    9. Store this butter in refrigerator. 


    • You can use Ready made Cream instead of malai. the procedure is same.
    • You can store this butter for 7 to 10 days.
    • You can also add less then a pinch of turmeric powder if you want bright yellow color but usually you don’t need to do that. 
    • Always store this butter in airtight container.

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    1. I just love homemade better. It is so easy to make,there is no need to buy it!

    2. When we lived on a farm we always made our own butter 🙂 Diane

    3. This is simple and nice home made butter.