Matka Kulfi Recipe , how to make classic mava-badam kulfi at home

Matka kulfi recipe
Matka Kulfi recipe- step by step recipe to make mava-badam at home

Happy summer foodies,
Summer is already started and i started celebrating it.I am Sharing my first Recipe of this summer. I made this kulfi two days before and i thought it is the time to share with you all.
When it comes to MAVA MATKA KULFI i can totally refuse to eat any other varieties .. I can skip B&R ice-creams as well.I don’t know what drives me crazy while eating these temptation.
When i am in hometown,I used to eat these kulfi from kulfiwalas but here in pune I am not pleased with classic kulfiwalas though i can easily get “bombay Kulfi” and even mava kulfi from shops.But I would Say ” Kulfi From that classic Matka – baat hi kuch aur hai “.

Kulfi walas Stores their kulfi in Matka (old classic Clay cooler )with some ice. They gave shapes to the kulfi by freezing them in aluminum molds.It is also said that origin of these kulfi recipe is Mughal empire. Now a days, You can easily get these molds but We can not store Kulfis in Large size matka at home.

Now a days, things are changed.Kulfi is served in “Clay cups” at some places .I some-how manages to get these lovely clay cups and revised the version of  matka kulfi at home. You can get these cups from the plant suppliers Or the vendors who sell Clay Items.
It may also interest you to know that , I have use only THREE Main Ingredients in this recipe i.e Full cream Milk, Mava(Khoya) and sugar.even though I didn’t use any ready-made mix for this recipe ,It come out great for us.
I have shared my mago icecream recipe before in which i didn’t use any mix.
As I told you before-The key to make ice-cream perfect from the milk is to boil them very well.

Traditional Kulfi walas,Image Source :Google

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Recipe Details for making Matka Kulfi below:

  Mava-badam Kulfi Recipe-how to make Matka kulfi

Prep Time : 5 hours ( freezing time)

Matka kulfi recipe

Cook Time : 20 min
Total Time : 5 hours 20 min
Main Ingredient : Full cream Milk, Khoya
Serves :2-3
Cuisine :Indian, UP


  • Full Cream Milk – 1 ltr
  • Khoya – 200 gm approx OR 1 cup
  • Sugar – to taste ( approx 3 tbsp)
  • Saffron threads – 10 nos
  • Almonds ,chopped – 4-5 nos
  • Cardamom,powdered – 2 pods (optional)


    1. Take heavy bottom pan and boil the milk into that for 20 min on medium flame OR until it gets thicker and reduce its half of amount.
      Matka kulfi recipe
    2. Mean while chop almonds,prepare cardamom powder and Dissolve Saffron in 1 tbsp milk.
    3. Add Khoya and mix them well.
    4. Boil them again for 5 min on high flame.
      Matka kulfi recipe
    5. Add sugar and mix them well.When sugar dissolves completely,turn off the flame.
    6. Add Cardamom powder and Saffron mixture.Mix them well.
    7. Let the mixture cool down completely.
      Matka kulfi recipe
    8. Transfer this mixture into clay cups OR kulfi-molds OR in container and sprinkle almonds on the top.
      Matka kulfi recipe
    9. Put this molds OR container in deep freeze(Freezer).
    10. Allow this kulfi to set for 4 hours atleast.
      Matka kulfi recipe
    11. Serve chilled.


    • You can use almond powder as well.
    • I am covering Clay Cups with Cling-firm to avoid Ice surface on the top.You can use aluminum foil as well.
    • You can adjust the sugar level according to your taste.
    • Before freezing, make sure to Switch-off you Auto defrost settings.
    • I set my freezer temperature highest so kulfis took 4 hours to set perfectly.On regular temperature it will take 8-10 hours atleast. 

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    Matka kulfi recipe


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