Recipe : Semolina Porridge | how to make sooji porridge

Semolina Porridge

When I think of porridge , The very first thing comes in mind is ‘oats’.I tasted oats porridge at shraddha(my non-blogger friend) ‘s home and i was like-‘ummmmmmm’ sooooo creamyyy.The best part of that recipe is NO SUGAR is added.after that experience i started searching about porridge recipes on internet.

What i come across is, It is the most staple recipe in Europe and Russia formally cooked with barely. American people also likes porridge a lot.There are so many varieties in porridge like Oats porridge, rice porridge, wheat porridge, corn porridge and buckwheat porridge.
Porridge is one of the healthy breakfast you can had.It is proven
that Breakfast is the most important meal of your day. one should not
avoid break-fast. It will keep you healthier,boost immune system and helps to balance your weight as well.Porridge is the combination of Dry-fruits, fresh fruits , Milk and whole grains.

I am sharing One of the variation of porridge which uses Semolina.
We often know Semolina as Sooji. Semolina /sooji is just an another form
of wheat.Sooji is versatile ingredient you will found in most indian
kitchens.I love sooji halwa and i already posted recipe before.
I am coming to my today’s recipe, I was planning to make Classic Oats
porridge but at time of cooking i found there is no oats at home 🙁 . So,Semolina porridge is a quick result .One of the best part of porridge recipe is they have dry-fruits, fresh fruits ,milk and grains-ALL IN ONE.

I am using chikoo and almonds in this recipe. semolina will take 6-8 min to boil perfectly in milk.I did not add SUGAR in this recipe.Time is reduced because i am using roasted sooji / semolina here otherwise it will take more 5-10 mins. This is the perfect breakfast recipe.
You can add sugar as well.however i usually avoid to have sugar. You can
use varieties of fruits as well . Combination is totally depends on
your liking.

Recipe Details below:

Sooji porridge Recipe -how to make Semolina Porridge

Prep Time :5 min

Cook Time : 8 min
Total Time : 10-13 min
Main Ingredient : Semolina
Serves :2
Cuisine :

  • Milk – 1 + 1/2 cups
  • Semolina,roasted – 1/2 cup approx
  • Cardamom powder -1/4 tsp
  • Almonds,,chopped – 5 nos
  • Fresh Chikoo ,chopped – 1 big size OR 2 small size


  1. pour milk in deep pan and start boiling milk on medium flame.
  2. Immediately add semolina into the milk and boil them togather until semolina cooks.
  3. Semolina cooks very fast so after adding semolina, within 3-5 min you will notice, liquid is getting thick because semolina absorbs water content quickly and swell in size.
  4. Remove flame.
  5. Add cardamom powder, almonds and chikoo.
  6. Mix them well.
  7. serve hot.
    • You can use Sugar in this recipe.However I avoid it.
    • You can even sprinkle milk powder like Everest milk powder at the top.
    • you can add other fruits as well. It is totally depend on your taste.

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    12. My husband would love this, he loves porridge and semolina pudding as dessert, this recipe combines the two. But I don't know what chikoo is, how can I replace it?

      • Hi adina , chikoo is a kind fruit known as sapodilla as well.. The best replacement comes in my mind for is "strawberry" . strawberry-almond semolina porridge is tried and tasted by me.. So, you can go with