9 Benifits Of Lemon

Lemon is Citrus Fruit and With out Lemon We cant imagine Out Kitchen.There Are so many Dishes in Which Lemon is used.Lemon Zest is also use full to enhance the flavor of the dish.
I am sharing 9 Health benifits of Lemon today.
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  1.  Mix Lemon Juice, Honey and Rose Water. Apply it on your face and Neck. This face pack is THE best face pack to brighten Skin.
  2. After Chopping Onion and Garlic,Your Hands Smells Bad. Just Rub Lemon Peel on Your Hands. The bad smell will go off.
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  3. Drinking Warm Water with lemon juice and honey at early morning will help to reduce body fat.
  4. Some of Us May not like Smell Of the eggs thats why Some Of girls may avoid to apply egg mask on hairs.but i have solution- Just add Lemon Juice to the egg yolk and mix it well. then apply this mask on your hair. 
  5. Add Lemon juice and Lemon peel into the water and keep it aside for 15 mins. Use this water for your bath. You will Feel Refreshing Whole day.
  6. Rub Lemon peel On your nails. your Nails will Not only brighten but it will be stronger as well.
  7. Sprinkle Some Sugar on Lemon piece (small)and rub it on skin. This is Best Scrub.(use very Small Piece of Lemon.Otherwise it will burn your skin)
  8. Apply Lemon Juice in root of your hair and wash it after 15-20 mins.This will reduce the dandruff. do this once or max twice a week.
  9. Drinking COLD water with lemon juice and honey will Help to Gain Weight.

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