5 Most Expensive Food In the World

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Rich people are always fascinating for many of us.They live the life we have ever dream of.It’s a matter of money.Most of the time we don’t even think to treating us luxurious.Friends,This is my second post on SIM. In my Previous post, I shared about authentic low calorie indian food. My today’s post is something about luxury..So,I am here to share 5 Most expensive food in the world.If you have money, however you can have the costly version of the food.I just listed out 5 Expensive dishes which i reently came across. Freinds,I am super excited to share this list with you.

Here we go,

  1. Iranian Beluga Caviar : Caviar is nothing but cured fish eggs. The cost of caviar is quite high. But the rarest and most expensive caviar comes from the Iranian Beluga fish is INR 18,60,000 per kilo.

  2. La Madeline Au Truffle: This heavenly delicious recipe is made of 70% Valrhona dark chocolate,heavy cream,sugar,truffle oil and vanilla to make the base. A French Perigord is then covered in valrhona dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder. The cost of the dish is INR 15,600 per piece.

  3. Pizza Royale 007 : The world’s most expensive pizza contains ingredients from around the world. The ingredients are like pizza being marinated in cognac, Caviar soaked in champagne,sunblush tomato sauce,Scottish smoked salmon, venison medallions,prosciutto and vintage balsamic vinegar. The edible 24-carat gold flake topping seals pizza and making it the most expensive in world . Cost of the dish is INR 1,87,000 for each.

  4. Golden Opulence Sundae :Most expensive sundae in world is made of three scoops of rich tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with madagascar vanilla and covered in 23-carat edible gold loaf. The syrup is made from Amedei Porcelana, one of the expensive chocolates,covered with chunks of rare chuao chocolate.and to get this ,one needs to give 48 hours notice to the restaurant because ingredients need to be flown from different part of world. Cost is INR 62,500 per sundae.

  5. Yubari King: This is a hybrid fruit. This is award-winning fruit.People who have ever tasted it say that the most expensive fruit is sweet in taste and rather tender to bite into. Cost of the fruit is INR 10,44,253 for a pair.

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  1. This is a nice and informative post. I knew about the caviar, but the other dishes I did not….

  2. This is a nice and informative post. I knew about the caviar, but the other dishes I did not….